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World Health Assembly commits to boosting global access to rehabilitation. (2023, the Guardian)

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International News

Centenary declaration from Rehabilitation International to promote “Equal Participation and Well-rounded Development of Persons with Disabilities.” Calls on the United Nations to “establish a World Disability Organization (WDO) to strengthen the coordination and advocacy for disability rights.” (2023, Rehabilitation International)

Guide for rehabilitation workforce evaluation “a suite of resources that can be applied in countries to provide information to support planning and advocacy at the national or subnational level.” (2023, WHO)

Integrating rehab and assistive technology into health systems. How can rehabilitation and health system stakeholders agree on priorities for integrating rehabilitation and AT into health systems? Shared prioritization and planning local actions. (2023, ReLAB-HS)

World Health Assembly commits to boosting global access to rehabilitation. (2023, the Guardian)

WHO board recommendation on Strengthening rehabilitation in health systems (Link to pdf, 2023, WHO)

Provision of rehabilitation for congenital conditions “We argue that the global health community must act to ensure that rehabilitation services to support functioning from birth are well established, accepted and integrated within health systems, and that disability is prioritized within child health.” (2022, Bulletin World Health Organization)

The World Rehabilitation Alliance is open to membership applications. (2022, WHO)

Factsheet on Rehabilitation through a gender lens (2021, ReLAB-HS)



An assessment of disability and quality of life in people with spinal cord injury upon discharge from a rehabilitation unit. Unfortunately, post-discharge quality of life decreases and disability level increases. (2022, Spinal Cord)



Estonia to reorganize social rehabilitation service, under the healthcare system. “According to state figures, a total of 10,688 people received social rehabilitation services in 2022, 61 percent of whom were children, at a total cost to the state of just over €16 million.” (Jan, ERR)