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Protection Monitoring Highlights on how organizations are supporting displaced persons, including persons with disabilities. See the protection snapshot of 7th April for brief notes on support to those remaining in institutions. (2022, Protection Cluster Ukraine)

Generations Beat Online had put together news links on the situation of older persons in Ukraine (2022, GBO News)

HelpAge have a series of blogs on the situation of older people in the war. (2022, HelpAge)

People with intellectual disabilities, families in Ukraine April Updates (2022, Inclusion Europe)

World Federation of the Deaf Updates on Ukraine. "Several deaf associations throughout the country dispersed these announcements. Interpreters have also been at work to ensure that government announcements are accessible, and a 24/7 video relay network still works to guarantee deaf people their right to make phone calls at all hours as necessary." (2022)

A Ukrainian translation of the WG Short Set on Functioning is now available. (2022, The Washington Group on Disability Statistics)

Disability Inclusion Helpdesk Report Impacts of the Ukraine invasion for persons with disabilities and priority entry points in humanitarian response. (2022, Inclusive Futures)

Psychoeducational resources on PTSD and trauma translated into Ukrainian, Polish and Russian. (2022, Psychology Tools)

Advice and support for those affected by the Ukrainian crisis Overview of organizations and resources in relation to older people, people with dementia and their families. (2022, Alzheimer's Disease International)

UNHCR portal on the Ukraine Refugee Situation which gives an indication of overall numbers in destination countries as well as the flash reports on the situation of displacement and refugees. (2022, UNHCR)

European Disability Forum page on Ukraine War providing updates, testimonies of disabled people, resources, and further links. See also:

HelpAge page on Supporting older people in the Ukraine crisis (2022)

The National Assembly of People with Disabilities has frequent updates on the evolving situation, in Ukrainian. (2022)

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies Ukraine Crisis. Practical information and resources. (2022)

Autism Europe Support for autistic people in Ukraine includes link for a facebook group supporting the autistic community in Ukraine. (2022)

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Ukraine resources. As of 16th March, estimates are almost 6.5 million internally disabled people. (2022, OCHA)

Updates from Inclusion Europe (2022)

Resources, particularly from Germany and Slovakia, on Support for Sick, Disabled and Deaf People affected by the war. (2022, Nowar.Help)