Donate through a US Charity

If you are a US taxpayer you can donate to the Debrief through our partners, Center for Inclusive Policy (CIP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the US. CIP have been supporters of the Debrief since its first year.

For donations of $1,000 or over, please mark your donation as support to Disability Debrief. Checks to be made out to:

Center for Inclusive Policy
1450 Church Street, NW
Unit 602
Washington, DC 20005

Please also drop me a line on so that I can keep track of things. If you prefer to make a wire transfer, contact for details.

This method has some administration and overhead so, with apologises, it's only available for donations of $1,000 or over.

Other methods are available for amounts less than $1,000.