Escaping institutions, and their shadows

Escaping segregation and my hopes for Tutankhamun
06 Dec 2022
Watercolour illustration of a dark building with columns and outline of birds flying away from it, upwards into a blue sky.

Can COP27 contribute to disability-inclusive climate justice?

Facing barriers at every turn, disabled people are fighting for their leadership to be recognised.
07 Nov 2022
Illustration of desert, with a thin river leading to a narrow horizon of dark sea and above that foreboding dark red clouds.

Shallow, siloed and tokenistic: critiques of inclusion

Plus: assisted suicide, access to the air, and the bodies we dream of.
11 Oct 2022
Illustration of a stick figure inside a maze. A dotted line traces the path from the figure to the outside, where a bus waits

Disability in the Heat

Why authorities need to prioritise people at highest risk as temperatures rise
25 Jul 2022

Assistive technology: needed by one in three, and me

Plus: wheelchair cameos, children left behind in Ukraine, and curated news
07 Jun 2022

New Frontiers for Activism in AI and Tech

Plus where we are with covid, key pieces on Ukraine, remembering Marcia Rioux, and much more
19 Apr 2022

On the War in Ukraine

Comprehensive news update with the art and poetry we need to understand it
21 Mar 2022