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German Court Orders Protection of People with Disabilities in Triage Decisions

'The court found the legislature had failed “to take measures to ensure that no one is at risk of being disadvantaged on the basis of disability in the allocation of life-sustaining treatment if shortages in intensive care resources arise.” The court ordered lawmakers to introduce stronger measures based on the constitutional right to nondiscrimination. They should consider disability rights training for medical staff and the creation of stronger procedures to identify disabilities.'

See also the statement from the court or coverage on the guardian (Jan, Human Rights Watch)

Education and Childhood

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Translating Human Rights in Education: The Influence of Article 24 UN CRPD Comparing the meanings of inclusive education in Nigeria and Germany, and how the development of inclusive education has depended on “institutionalized special education” rather than a rights-based approach. (University of Michigan Press)

History and Memorial

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Uncovering a life deemed “unworthy of life”. “Why the Story of Hans Heinrich Festersen—Gay, Disabled, and Murdered by the Nazis—Matters” (Nov, Zocalo Public Square)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

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Blind Syrian granted asylum, is allowed to stay in Germany (Jun, InfoMigrants)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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A lawyer sues the Ministry of Transport to ensure access to trains. (in German, Feb, Rollstuhl Kurier)