Global Disability Summit

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Series of videos featuring youth with disabilities. (Mar, IDA)

Will the 2022 Global Disability Summit result in a more equal world? As well highlighting the achievements of the summit, a concern raised that "overall, there aren’t enough commitments with concrete financing attached. " (Mar, Sightsavers)

Preceding the Summit was the GDS Youth Summit 2022 which launched a call for action for organizations and youth with disabilities to commit to.

The Global Disability Summit closed. See the co-chair summary. Watch recordings from both days or browse the portal of commitments made. The Summit reiterated the 2018 charter for change.

Upcoming disability summit must be a turning point, position from President of Ghana, PM of Norway, chief of WHO, and president of the International Disability Alliance. (Feb, BMJ)

The next summit will be hosted by Jordan and Germany scheduled for Berlin, 2025.

An Accessible Future for Persons with Disabilities a beautiful multimedia feature on the World Bank's work on disability around the world, and their commitments for the summit. (Feb, World Bank)

Guterres opens Global Disability Summit with inclusivity call. Strange to see 'handicap' used in this article. (Feb, UN)

Discussion Paper on engagement of organizations of persons with disabilities: "OPDs are more consulted than before,
levels of participation remain insufficient. " The paper explores the gaps as well as good practices, particularly around investment in supporting representative organizations.

"While progress [on disability inclusion] is significant, it takes a lot more effort to turn these promises into action, and initiatives often fail to engage and consult with persons with disabilities themselves. Reasons vary but usually relate to gaps in understanding disability from a rights-based perspective or prejudice regarding OPDs’ capacity to contribute, limited knowledge of and contacts with OPDs, gaps in ensuring inclusive and accessible venues, information and methods to support active engagement of OPDs. This significantly reduces the relevance and impact of disability-inclusive investments and perpetuates paternalistic approaches whereby persons with disabilities are only recipients of aid. The Covid-19 global pandemic brutally recalled and exposed pervasive discriminations, with dramatic consequences as lives of persons with disabilities are not considered of equal importance. " (Feb, IDA)

Global Disability Summit 2022: another talkshop? Raises concerns, referring to concrete examples, about initiatives for disability inclusion "without the direct involvement of disabled people". Organizations working on disability rights "are yet to recognize the power of lived-experience and professional representation within their leadership ranks and thus continue making decisions around disability rights issues without the participation of disabled people". (Feb, Fred Ouko)

Sightsavers’ campaign petition for the Global Disability Summit hits 30,000 signatures from 111 countries. (Feb, Sightsavers)

Four priorities in inclusive education for the Global Disability Summit 2022 Collection of evidence in each priority. (Jan, Cambridge)

3 things to expect from the Global Disability Summit "The answers are there already – use them!" - agree with the sentiment that we have under-used solutions, but disagree we know "what it takes to implement the CRPD". (Feb, LFTW)

You can follow the GDS on social media and with its social media toolkit. Hashtags will be #CommitToChange and #GDS2022. Suggested prompt is “I believe in a disability-inclusive future because…” (Jan, Global Disability Summit)

Get ready for the Global Disability Summit The main events are 14-17th Feb, with the youth summit followed by the civil society forum and then the summit itself.

Plenty of events on the way into this as well: see the event guide. covering the thematic, regional and side events.

See also the master guide (Global Disability Summit)

On Humanitarian response, a call for commitments to disability inclusion (Jan, Global Disability Summit)


On the European Regional Disability Summit and positive participation of European leaders. (Feb, EDF)



Able Child Africa on their commitments and the Importance of the Global Disability Summit (Feb)

First day of Global Disability Summit results in ground-breaking commitments to disability rights from global leaders. (Feb, IDA)

Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development Commitments (Feb)

Light for the World committing to change. (Feb)

USAID commits to a Disability-Inclusive Future (Feb, short youtube, EducationLinks)

Girl's Education Challenge Leave No Girl Behind Updating our commitments to the most marginalized girls. (link to pdf, Feb)

Data and the Global Disability Summit: how to make sure commitments lead to change (Feb, Sightsavers)

Humanity and Inclusion (HI) commitments And call to action. (Feb, Humanity and Inclusion)

CBM Global's Disability Summit Commitments See also their expectations and commitments. (Feb)