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The third report on Disability Inclusion in the United Nations system reviews work done in 2021:

“As we move into the fourth year of the Strategy’s implementation, it is clear that staff at all levels, supported by their leadership, are taking action to advance disability inclusion across programmes and operations. While findings demonstrate that significant progress has been made since 2019, a majority of benchmarks set by the Strategy to achieve the transformative change on disability inclusion are still not being met.” (Dec, UN)

A podcast discussion with Gopal Mitra on the the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy. (Nov, Gerard Quinn)

Situation Analyses of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Lessons and Conclusions from Twenty-Six Countries. (Dec, UNPRPD)

Evaluation of Ford's Disability Inclusion Initiative “Since 2018, we have invested more than $70 million toward projects and organizations focused on disability and an additional $250 million to social justice organizations including disability within their broader work.” See also the lessons for other grant makers. (Ford Foundation)

Communique from the GLAD Network 2022 Annual General Meeting. (Nov, GLAD)

Data Quick Guide Towards Disability Inclusive Programme Monitoring (Oct, DCDD)

Inclusion of persons with disabilities in project planning a short guide. (Link to pdf, Oct, GIZ)

An evaluation of CBM Australia's Inclusion Advisory Group dedicated to advising partner organizations on disability inclusion, and an important model of how capacity on disability inclusion might be provided. (May, CBM Australia)

Disability Rights Funds welcomes Catalina Devandas as Executive Director. (Jul, DRF) Cata was the first person I interviewed on the Debrief to reflect on her years as Special Rapporteur on Disability.

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities Engagement Officer as a medium to strengthening the disability movement (Jul, IDA)

An interview with USAID employee (and friend of the newsletter, Josh Josa) who talking about his background and inclusive education (Jul, Government Matters)

A scoping review on Community Support for Persons with Disabilities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. (Jul, Environmental Research and Public Health)

Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities for Sustainable Development Position Paper for the High-Level Political Forum “governments must redouble their efforts to reach the most marginalized and furthest behind to implement policies and programs to address the discrimination and disadvantage faced by persons with disabilities. ” (link to pdf, Jul, Stakeholder Group)

The pursuit of authentic partnership: personal reflections from the executive director of CBM Global on the difference between partnership and imposition. (Feb, CBM Global)

Reflections on how racism in the aid sector relates to persons with disabilities and measures that can be taken to localize work on disability: “Any capacity-building programme should be locally and culturally designed and managed by a local CSO/DPO on its premises to build a disability movement locally. ” (Jun, Mosharraf Hossein)

Pocket guide to safeguarding persons with disabilities and/or mental health conditions in programming. See also for safeguarding in workplaces doing humanitarian and development work. (May, RSH)

Evidence digest on youth and disability inclusion (Jun, SD Direct)

The UNPRPD Annual Narrative and Financial Report 2021 (link to pdf, Jun, UNPRPD)

Lessons from our partnerships with local organisations of persons with disabilities. Featuring CBM Global's experiences and reactions from partners. “You are supporting with resources. We are getting job done. We should be paid in the same way, with same remuneration – that’s what equal partnership is!” (May, Bond)

UN Women experience with Disability Inclusion Markers. (Jan, UN Women)

In-depth conversation with World Bank Global Disability Advisor Charlotte Vuyiswa McClain-Nhlapo. “It is clear to me that my early exposure to racism and inequality influenced my life’s work for social justice and equality for all.” (Apr, Allfie)

Tracking disability inclusion in multilateral organizations a report tracking how inclusion changed between 2018 and 2022. “Although this report finds certain progress regarding the monitoring of disability inclusion since the first Global Disability Summit, particularly on strategies and commitments, the findings discuss how the step from ambitions to documentation of successful disability inclusion continues to be limited.” (Mar, Fafo)

LFTW Fact Sheet on Intersectionality Unveiling intersecting discrimination (Mar, LFTW)

Working towards a more inclusive society: Five stories of how the UN is working with partners to advance disability inclusion. (Feb, UNSDG)

The High Level Political Forum will be in July: see the position paper on how it relates to disability and more from the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities. (IDA)

A new issue of Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development featuring a lively editorial on the need for local solutions. (Feb, DCIDJ)

Discussion on how development partners can ensure engagement of organizations of persons with disabilities in CIP's question of the month. (Feb, CIP)

Celebrating MIUSA's Story | Mobility International USA "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. They are where they should be. Now put foundations under them. " (MIUSA)

Intersectionality Resource Guide and Toolkit An Intersectional Approach to Leave No One Behind

'This does not require an “add and stir” approach, but rather a full shift in mindset—one that is willing to sit with the discomfort that comes with exploring the relational nature of power and discrimination both within and beyond UN systems.' (Jan, UN Women)

A survey on the situation of persons with deafblindness (2022) (up to 14th Feb, WFDB)

World Federation of the Deaf review of 2021. (WFD)

Innovation to Inclusion Learning Update (link to pdf, Jan, Leonard Cheshire)

See the CIP question of the month on How civil society can work with large development partners and financial institutions to address disability inclusion. Hosted by the World Bank's lead on disability. (Jan)

Light for the World 2021: The year in review (Dec, LFTW)

Reflecting a Movement’s Principles in Grantmaking Structure Evidence on the Benefits of Participation (Dec, DRF)

See You Strategic Framework 2021-2024 Light for the World Netherlands is now See You: 'We see our values reflected in the Bible, as well as represented in the UNCRPD' (link to pdf, Nov, See You)


How a project seeks to solve the north-south power imbalance in leprosy and development work. (Apr, The Leprosy News)


Persons with Disabilities Key to Achieving Fully Inclusive Societies (Oct, SDG Knowledge Hub)


Important day for Australia in leaving no-one behind in development program (Nov, CBM Australia)

Profile of Jane Edge, CEO of CBM Australia (Jul, Probono Australia)


New horizons for Light for the World Cambodia. “Our Light for the World Cambodia office has taken the exciting step of becoming a Cambodian non-profit.” (Mar, LFTW)


Strengthening OPDs in Ethiopia increases impact and value for money: "For every $1 provided by CBM, FEAPD have generated approximately a staggering $14." (Nov, CBM Australia)


Lack of inclusion of people with disabilities is worrying exclusion at the Conference on the Future of Europe (Dec, Euractiv)

What about young persons with disabilities? Key issues for how the European Year of Youth should include young people with disabilities. (Dec, EDF)


How inclusion ambassadors are reducing disability stigma and discrimination (Apr, Sightsavers)


Disability Rights: A guide to monitoring compliance (Apr, Formasi Disabilitas)


Testimonials from the Bridge CRPD-SDGs Training "I have never seen a training so inclusive". Everything I've heard from people that have gone through this training around the world is extremely positive. (Nov, IDA)


Short video on participation in development projects Inclusivity in Kenya Meru Inclusive Trachoma (MINT) Programme (Jan, CBM Global)

Latin America and the Caribbean

The path to inclusive local development good practice guide to the social and employment inclusion of young persons with disabilities (in Spanish, Dec, CEPAL)


Building a Movement for Inclusive Nigeria: Highlights of DRF's Grantee Convening. (Nov, Disability Rights Fund)


Norway's international work for people with disabilities an article assessing the government's initiatives. (In Norwegian, Dec, Bistands Aktuelt)

Norway launched a new strategy for disability-inclusive development 2022-2025. (Feb)


Organisations of Persons with Disabilities: Making a Difference in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands “It is testament to OPDs’ success that they have become sought-after partners for international agencies in the Pacific”. The report also describes how these agencies perceive and fund the OPD role limits what they can do and makes it harder for them to follow their own objectives. (Jun, CBM Global)

Australian leadership in disability inclusion at the 2022 Pacific Satellite Summit (Mar, CBM Australia)


CBM partners with women leaders to create movement of change for disability “we are supporting the establishment of a federation of disability organisations in the Philippines to collect comprehensive data related to disability inequalities”. (Mar, CBM Australia)


Raising awareness of albinism in west Africa See Maroussia Mbaye's instagram for the series of photos. (does not appear to have alt text, Feb, the Guardian)


UN Committee scrutinizes disability inclusion in Swiss international cooperation. “There is no consistent approach to disability across Switzerland’s work internationally.” (Jul, EDF)

The Swiss Government responded to the concerns of the CRPD and this is a response to that from civil society in relation to Swiss international cooperation and humanitarian action. (Jan, SDDC)


Uganda’s Diverse Disability Movement Offers Lessons for an Ableist Global Philanthropy (Nov, Yes!)

United Kingdom

On the new International Development Strategy, People with Disabilities don’t have the luxury of time “there is no observable strategy to focus concerted efforts on eradicating poverty and improving the lives of the most marginalised.” (May, CBM UK)

UK Government's Strategy for International Development must include older people “we are disappointed that the Strategy did not refer explicitly to the impact of global ageing, did not consider needs throughout the life course, or address the specific needs and rights of older people.” (May, Age International)

Meeting the Ambition of the new FCDO Disability Inclusion & Rights Strategy (Apr, CBM UK)

Launch of a new development policy, FCDO disability inclusion and rights strategy 2022 to 2030. See a blog post welcoming the new strategy from CBM UK. (Feb, Gov UK)

Global Disability Summit


Series of videos featuring youth with disabilities. (Mar, IDA)

Will the 2022 Global Disability Summit result in a more equal world? As well highlighting the achievements of the summit, a concern raised that "overall, there aren’t enough commitments with concrete financing attached. " (Mar, Sightsavers)

Preceding the Summit was the GDS Youth Summit 2022 which launched a call for action for organizations and youth with disabilities to commit to.

The Global Disability Summit closed. See the co-chair summary. Watch recordings from both days or browse the portal of commitments made. The Summit reiterated the 2018 charter for change.

Upcoming disability summit must be a turning point, position from President of Ghana, PM of Norway, chief of WHO, and president of the International Disability Alliance. (Feb, BMJ)

The next summit will be hosted by Jordan and Germany scheduled for Berlin, 2025.

An Accessible Future for Persons with Disabilities a beautiful multimedia feature on the World Bank's work on disability around the world, and their commitments for the summit. (Feb, World Bank)

Guterres opens Global Disability Summit with inclusivity call. Strange to see 'handicap' used in this article. (Feb, UN)

Discussion Paper on engagement of organizations of persons with disabilities: "OPDs are more consulted than before,
levels of participation remain insufficient." The paper explores the gaps as well as good practices, particularly around investment in supporting representative organizations.

"While progress [on disability inclusion] is significant, it takes a lot more effort to turn these promises into action, and initiatives often fail to engage and consult with persons with disabilities themselves. Reasons vary but usually relate to gaps in understanding disability from a rights-based perspective or prejudice regarding OPDs’ capacity to contribute, limited knowledge of and contacts with OPDs, gaps in ensuring inclusive and accessible venues, information and methods to support active engagement of OPDs. This significantly reduces the relevance and impact of disability-inclusive investments and perpetuates paternalistic approaches whereby persons with disabilities are only recipients of aid. The Covid-19 global pandemic brutally recalled and exposed pervasive discriminations, with dramatic consequences as lives of persons with disabilities are not considered of equal importance. " (Feb, IDA)

Global Disability Summit 2022: another talkshop? Raises concerns, referring to concrete examples, about initiatives for disability inclusion "without the direct involvement of disabled people". Organizations working on disability rights "are yet to recognize the power of lived-experience and professional representation within their leadership ranks and thus continue making decisions around disability rights issues without the participation of disabled people". (Feb, Fred Ouko)

Sightsavers’ campaign petition for the Global Disability Summit hits 30,000 signatures from 111 countries. (Feb, Sightsavers)

Four priorities in inclusive education for the Global Disability Summit 2022 Collection of evidence in each priority. (Jan, Cambridge)

3 things to expect from the Global Disability Summit "The answers are there already – use them!" - agree with the sentiment that we have under-used solutions, but disagree we know "what it takes to implement the CRPD". (Feb, LFTW)

You can follow the GDS on social media and with its social media toolkit. Hashtags will be #CommitToChange and #GDS2022. Suggested prompt is “I believe in a disability-inclusive future because…” (Jan, Global Disability Summit)

Get ready for the Global Disability Summit The main events are 14-17th Feb, with the youth summit followed by the civil society forum and then the summit itself.

Plenty of events on the way into this as well: see the event guide. covering the thematic, regional and side events.

See also the master guide (Global Disability Summit)

On Humanitarian response, a call for commitments to disability inclusion (Jan, Global Disability Summit)


On the European Regional Disability Summit and positive participation of European leaders. (Feb, EDF)

Community Based Inclusive Development


A report on CBM's work on Community Based Inclusive Development (Jun, CBM)