Politics and Elections

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Lula received the presidential sash from representatives of minority groups including Ivan Baron, an anti-ableism influencer, wearing a white suit graffited with slogans. (In Portuguese, Jan, Globo)

A network of People With Disabilities in the PSOL party, São Paulo “We want to get out of invisibility and construct an anti-ableist and inclusive society.” (in Portuguese, Jul, PcDs do PSOL SP)


Convoy Occupation's Politics Pose Unique Threat to Disabled People

"People who required support could no longer access it; streets were no longer being cleared of snow in some areas; and sidewalks had vehicles parked on them. Public space was overrun by those whose interpretation of “freedom” left no room for social responsibility to others and treated someone else’s choice to wear a mask as a provocation." (Feb, The Maple)


Millions of voters with disabilities in the European Union may not be able to participate in EP elections in 2024. “There are estimated 800,000 people with disabilities unable to vote in European elections because of legal capacity laws, and millions because of lack of accessibility.” (Nov, Inclusion Europe)

Political participation of persons with disabilities: what you need to know ahead of the 2024 European Elections. (May, EDF)

Human Rights Report 2022: political participation of persons with disabilities. Exploring the right to vote and the right to be a candidate in elections, the report finds some emerging good practices against a concerning backdrop:

“In the 2019 European Parliament elections, approximately 400,000 persons with disabilities in 14 countries were deprived from their right to vote on the basis of their disability.” (May, EDF)

The EU Parliament proposes a new electoral law ensuring the political rights of persons with disabilities. (May, EDF)


Pressure mounts on French disabilities minister accused of rape “In an earlier statement denying the allegations, Abad said his own disability meant he was incapable of sexually assaulting anyone.” (May, France 24) I don't know more than what's in this article, but I don't buy the disability excuse.

For the elections, a campaign 23 Million Voices of persons with disabilities and caregivers in France to remind politicians of the essential measures to integrate into their campaign program. (Mar, APF France Handicap)


Candidate with severe disability wins seat in Japan's upper house (Jul, Disability Insider)

Interview with Eiko Kimura "the first person with a severe disability who is a member of the House of Councillors in Japan" (Jan, Equal Entry)


Blind Kenyan singer goes to court over rejected presidential candidacy. “A gospel singer who wants to be Kenya’s first disabled presidential candidate has brought a case in the country’s courts after being barred from the electoral race.” (Jun, the Guardian)


A survey of over 700 people to examine opinions of the disability community regarding factors that influence their voting behaviour and disability issues that are important to them. Key priorities identified were employment, education, and enforcing rights. The study also shows reasons people did not register for disability cards: they were not aware of it, worried it might lead to stigma, or did not see how it would help them. (Make the Right Real) See coverage on Free Malaysia Today.


Cripwashing the presence of the National Guard in the Metro of Mexico City – by publishing pictures of them assisting disabled people. (In Spanish, Jan, Yo También)


I Voted: Benedicta Oyèdayọ̀ Oyèwọlé Documents the Challenges Nigerians with Disabilities Faced Voting in February’s Elections. (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

CEAMI Initiative Launches GoVote Campaign For People With Disabilities In Nigeria’s Elections (Mar, Inclusive News Network)

A young person with disabilitiy and first time voter documents their experience on polling day with text and photos. (Feb, Oyedayo, Twitter)

INEC and the Police assure people living with disability of safety. “In the unfortunate incidence or occurrence of electoral violence, threat or intimidation, the PWDs are unfortunately the most vulnerable groups that may be most adversely affected. Hence, most of them shy away from the polls to safeguard themselves,” (Feb, Punch)

How blind people are frustrated by INEC’s failure to provide Braille ballot. “For over 10 years, I have been voting. My son does help me. But you know I can’t trust him because he may have a different choice from what I asked him to do for me.” (Jan, Informant 24/7)

The Independent National Electoral Commission registers 73,609 voters with disabilities (Jul, Inclusive News)

Nigerians with disabilities seek inclusion in electoral process. (Jun, Aljazeera)


On the Debrief: Disabled People in Peru's Political Protests. Breaking stereotypes about protest and taking an active role during a crisis (Mar, Disability Debrief)


'I Was Screaming': Disabled Russian Alleges Police Tortured Him To Confess To Burning Pro-War Banners. (Nov, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)


Thai royalists “outraged” over Lazada campaign “mocking disabled people” (May, Thaiger)


Short video on Deputy Mayor Kauma “Fazira Kauma Toppled Political Barriers in Uganda When She Became the First Woman and the First Blind Citizen To Be Appointed Deputy Mayor in Jinja” (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

United Kingdom

MP with cerebral palsy has been mocked and accused of being drunk. (Mar, Independent)

‘I’ve always felt these spaces were ours’: disability activism and austerity capitalism, reflections on an interview with Disabled People Against the Cuts. (Feb, City)

Breaking down Barriers: a report on Improving Disabled Representation & Participation (Mar, Disability Policy Centre)

‘Deaf’ Liz Truss – a curious choice of insult reflecting on the Russian Foreign Minister's comments. (Limping Chicken)

United States

How a Senate aide and her guide dog made Capitol Hill more accessible for all. (Mar, The 19th)

The candidates with disabilities who won their political positions in 2022. (Dec, Respect Ability)

What does fair and equal media look like with a disabled politician? On properly accommodating John Fetterman. (Nov, MSNBC)

New Voting Laws Add Difficulties for People With Disabilities: “Restrictions in several states on mail-in voting are sending more people with disabilities to the polls. What they find isn’t always easy to navigate.” (Nov, New York Times)

US voters with disabilities face maze of new restrictions. (Oct, the Guardian)

The Right to Be Involved in Politics on the barriers persons with intellectual disabilities face and work done to protect their right to do so. (Oct, HPOD)

Disabled Community Calls Out Ableism In Coverage Of John Fetterman and the focus that coverage put on his use of closed captions. (Oct, Huffington Post)

Politicians With Disabilities Are Rare Because of Structural Barriers and discrimination. (Sep, Teen Vogue)

Accessible Voting a tool to search and find accessible voting options across 50 states. See more on a blog by Microsoft.

Why Vice President Kamala Harris mentioned her blue suit at a disability rights meeting a great set of reflections on the importance to give visual descriptions. (Jul, 19th News)

5 Disability Issue Questions To Ask State And Local Midterm Election Candidates (Jun, Forbes)

Wisconsin voters with disabilities say their right to vote is at risk (May, NPR)

Voters with disabilities find barriers in new voting and election laws.

“2020 was probably the most accessible election we’ve seen,” said Michelle Bishop, the voter access and engagement manager at National Disability Rights Network. “We made a lot of changes in response to Covid, which also happened to be best practices for making voting more accessible for people with disabilities. But we are still in the period of pushback to all of those positive changes.” (Apr, Vox)

in Louisiana Disabled people face GOP pushback in bid to study voting access (Apr, Louisiana Illuminator)

The Ignominious Deceits of Congressman Cawthorn ”Representative Madison Cawthorn has misled the public about training for the Paralympics, just as he misrepresented his education and business history.” (Jan, The Nation)

Reflections on the 6th January Insurrection attempt includes a condemnation of people involved using disability to try to get off criminal charges: including the so-called QAnon Shaman attempt to invoke autism. (Jan, AAPD)