Watercolour portrait of Peter, a white man, with curly dark hair, beard, glasses and wearing a dark blue sweater.

Peter Torres Fremlin

Peter is the author of Disability Debrief and is based in Colchester, UK.
21 Nov 2022

Advocacy in turbulent times

24 Oct 2022

Revolution and strategies to win

11 Oct 2022

Shallow, siloed and tokenistic: critiques of inclusion

27 Sep 2022

Fractured, fighting, fixed: adventures in hospital

22 Aug 2022

A new resource on disability rights

02 Aug 2022

Feeling pride, feeling poorly, feeling the prices

20 Jun 2022

A disability-rights view on community and mental health

07 Jun 2022

Assistive technology: needed by one in three, and me

30 May 2022

Reader Rebrief: classifying disability, Russia, and digital media

10 May 2022

"I'm not rebellious": Abner Manlapaz, lifelong rebel