“Can't work without it”

Ford Foundation support Disability Debrief

Disability Debrief's work now has support from Ford Foundation.

Recognising how they use the Debrief in their own work, Ford have made a contribution of $35,000 over two years.

Catherine Hyde Townsend, Senior Disability Advisor at Ford, has been one of the Debrief's friends guiding its growth since it started in 2020. Catherine “can't work without it”:

“Disability Debrief narrates the powerful ways that disability connects to and is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It supports our internal learning as well as that of our grantees as we've grown our investments in disability inclusion work.”

Supporting disability media, like the Debrief, makes a vital contribution to challenging the exclusion that disabled people face. It connects our community, gives us a space we can learn together, and shares the knowledge and resources we need to make change.

Ford joins readers and organisations that support the Debrief, recognising how this newsletter contributes to our global community and the impact it can make.

The grant from Ford Foundation is received through fiscal sponsorship from Center for Inclusive Policy (CIP).