Watercolour portrait of Peter, a white man, with curly dark hair, beard, glasses and wearing a dark blue sweater.

Peter Torres Fremlin

Peter is the author of Disability Debrief and is based in Colchester, UK.

Getting to know each other

A reader survey and updates from behind-the-scenes
17 Apr 2024
Watercolour illustration of a turquoise-topped cake with an @ sign and a large red 100 placed on top like a candle.

Assume that I can hit harder

Guide to recent disability news from 50+ countries
10 Apr 2024

Illness moved in waves

Exploring chronic illness, deafness and facial difference
27 Mar 2024

Finding our future

The crisis at IDA, hierarchies, poetry, and more
20 Mar 2024

I really wanted to further my education

Guide to recent disability news from nearly 50 countries
06 Mar 2024

We need to talk

Does the disability movement need a strategic reset?
21 Feb 2024

Here be dragons

Will AI helped disabled people into work, or should we stop working?
14 Feb 2024
A line illustration of a dragon lying calmly with a smiling monk sipping tea from a tea-pot. Signed Tan Kuan Aw, 7 Jan 2024.

I'd fight like hell for you

Julia Watts Belser on not giving up on each other in the climate crisis
07 Feb 2024
A watercolour portrait of Julia, a white woman with black hair, glasses, and a broad smile that reaches her eyes.

Castles in the air

Guide to recent disability news from 60+ countries
31 Jan 2024

A disabled farewell to 2023

Reflections on my year and how Judy's passing changes our movement
13 Dec 2023
A simple watercolour illustration of Santa on wheels, and carrying a big bag of gifts.