Watercolour portrait of Peter, a white man, with curly dark hair, beard, glasses and wearing a dark blue sweater.

Peter Torres Fremlin

Peter is the author of Disability Debrief and is based in Colchester, UK.
24 May 2023

Do we practice what we preach?

17 May 2023

A small group of people

10 May 2023

Taming the tiger

05 May 2023

لسنا وحدنا : الأشخاص ذوو الإعاقة في نزاع السودان

03 May 2023

“We are not alone”: Disabled people in Sudan's conflict

26 Apr 2023

Benefits for Bond Villains

18 Apr 2023

How do we look after each other?

11 Apr 2023

If I had a magic wand

28 Mar 2023

Not willing to be neutral

14 Mar 2023

More like persecution than support