Stories move the world

Disability Rights Fund support Disability Debrief

Disability Debrief's work now has support from Disability Rights Fund (DRF).

Recognising the importance of finding new narratives for disability, DRF have made a $6,000 annual subscription.

In the words of Catalina Devandas, Executive Director of DRF:

“Disability Debrief is creating powerful counter-narratives in the face of structural ableism. Their stories and art highlight the power of grassroots movements for inclusion and justice. And the Debrief curates the fastest-growing library of disability news, with resources from 145+ countries. Stories move the world, and the Disability Rights Fund is proud to support the Debrief’s storytelling and analysis from a disability-lens.”

Catalina is a long-time friend of the Debrief and in a previous role was generous enough to be the first guest interviewed on the Debrief. Disability Rights Fund joins a growing collective of readers and organisations that support the Debrief.