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This page lists the countries in Africa with resources and recent highlights.


Recent Highlights

In Africa:

Mapping and Recommendations on Disability-Inclusive Education. In Eastern and Southern Africa (Mar, UNICEF)

Cross-Country Brief on Trends in Inclusive Education (Mastercard Foundation)

Cross-Country Brief on Trends in Inclusive Employment (Mastercard Foundation)

In Djibouti:

Searching for identity “The award-winning Djiboutian author, Abdourahman Waberi, shares his reflections on writing, power and living with a disability.” (Mar, Africa is a Country)

In Egypt:

How ancient history resists our stereotypes Debrief discussion of Tutankhamun and disability in ancient Egypt. (Jan, Disability Debrief)

In Ghana:

Chaining People with Mental Health Conditions Persists Visits to prayer camps and healing centers see “people were chained or confined in small cages, in some cases for more than seven months.” (2022, Human Rights Watch)

In Kenya:

The menstruation experiences of women and girls with disability in Kenya. Details from lived experience and policy. (2022, Mummy Tales)

SARAH, a short movie “The story is centered on the life of Sarah who is a pregnant woman with disability. She is unable to access health services in time because of stigmatization and discrimination she faces.” (2022, DAYO Kenya)

In Nigeria:

I Voted: Benedicta Oyèdayọ̀ Oyèwọlé Documents the Challenges Nigerians with Disabilities Faced Voting in February’s Elections. (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

Decent work inaccessible to most workers with disabilities: a survey of 600 workers with disabilities. “Most of the 660 workers surveyed are self-employed and in the informal sector. Almost half of respondents earn less than Nigeria’s minimum wage and say their work environment is not accommodating to their disability.” (Mar, Solidarity Center)

We shall picket airports plans to protest against lack of access in airports and airlines. (2022, Vanguard NGR)

In South Africa:

“There is no dignity in poverty and even worse in disabled poverty” First-person account of barriers to economic inclusion. (Jan, Daily Vox)

In South Sudan:

South Sudan signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Feb, LFTW)

In Sudan:

“We are not alone”. A Debrief feature on disabled people in Sudan's conflict. A call for solidarity: “desperate circumstances, the institutions that let them down, and the systems of love that hold things together.” Also available in Arabic. (May, Disability Debrief)

In Uganda:

Uganda’s Diverse Disability Movement Offers Lessons for an Ableist Global Philanthropy. (2022, Yes!)