Disability and Conflict

Original reporting and collected resources

Disabled people are caught in conflicts and often active participants in them.

On this page you can see a selection of Disability Debrief's reporting on the experiences of disabled people in conflicts. For further resources, see also our library collection on conflict and peace.

Successes and Setbacks

Life stories of women with disabilities in Yemen
24 Jan 2024
Watercolour silhouette of Sana'a, with domes flanked by minarets and buildings, coloured in earthy yellow-brown.

A song for freedom

An activist reveals the situation of disabled people in Myanmar's civil war
08 Nov 2023
Illustration of a crutch-user's silhouette in Myanmar's landscape. A yellow ray of musical notes comes over splashes of red.

A disability lens on conflict

Israel-Gaza war and news from 50+ countries
25 Oct 2023

“We are not alone”: Disabled people in Sudan's conflict

Mobility in crisis, and the systems of love that hold things together
03 May 2023
An illustration of city buildings with smoke towering above. In the foreground a small bus heads into the desert.

On the War in Ukraine

Comprehensive news update with the art and poetry we need to understand it
21 Mar 2022