Resources on climate change and disability

Disabled voices, policy, theory, artistic responses and more.

Climate breakdown and adapting to it impact all areas of life, so the connections with disability are equally plentiful. This collection of resources is full of wisdom from disabled people and allies on how we're being impacted and how we're responding to work for disability-led climate justice.

This is an evolving collection of resources lovingly compiled by Áine Kelly-Costello. Please do share further resources by leaving a comment, or contacting Aine on email ainekc [at] gmail [dot] com, or on Twitter at @ainekc95.

Our latest climate piece explores whether COP27 will contribute to disability-inclusive climate justice. For more on the Debrief, see:

Last updated: November 2022. This work is done with support from CBM Global and readers.


Understanding disability and climate justice

Perspectives from disabled people

Artistic and spiritual responses

Theoretical approaches

Resource collections and literature reviews

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Impacts of climate breakdown and disaster risk response

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DRR Capacity building

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Extreme heat

Power outages


Drought and water scarcity


Adapting to climate change

Displacement, relocation, migration

Urban design and transport

Economy and employment

Agriculture and food

Policy and Advocacy

Climate policy

Capacity building and leadership

COP and international advocacy