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Recent Highlights

In International News:

Disability History Resources a guide to information for the study of disability history, signposting resources from ancient history up to contemporary history. (Jan, Bodleian Libraries Oxford)

Disability, Sexuality and Consent: How Activists Are Reshaping the Narrative. Beautifully illustrated exploration of relationships, care, legal frameworks and community. (2023, NYT)

Mental health, human rights and legislation: guidance and practice:

“Mental health is growing as a public health priority and human rights imperative, and an increasing number of countries are wishing to adopt or reform legislation related to mental health. However, laws on mental health, currently often fail to address discrimination and human rights violations including in mental health care settings.” (2023, WHO)

2023 Global Survey Report on Persons with Disabilities and Disasters. “The results show limited progress in disability inclusion over the past 10 years, with no significant differences across the regions. [...] The world must act on unacceptable failures to protect persons with disabilities from disasters” (2023, UNDRR)

Disabled and older people leading change features of folk around the world. “We have been led, inspired, and transformed by the experiences and stories of people with disabilities and older people”. (2023, Human Rights Watch)

As my disabled body ages: Stories from 6 disabled people: “time in a disabled body has nothing to do with age but all about the changes we notice over time.” (2023, Women Enabled International)

It's a cultural fight: Debrief feature with Christian Tasso on using photography to challenge perceptions of difference. (2023, Disability Debrief)

The transformative role of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.

“In this report, the Special Rapporteur highlights the agency of persons with disabilities in rebuilding broken societies in post-conflict contexts. Using concepts such as moral repair and transitional justice, he points to the need to include the voices of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.” (2023, Gerard Quinn)

Climate Change and Disability the Debrief's resource guide and original reporting. (2023, Disability Debrief)

How many disabled people are there? Debrief feature exploring why the complexity of disability can't be reduced to one number. (2023, Disability Debrief)

Barbie's wheelchair vs my actual wheelchair a critical comparison by Katie Pennick. (2023, Twitter thread)

Delta Developing First-of-Its-Kind Airplane Seat for Wheelchair Users to stay in their chairs. (2023)

How to improve portrayals of people with disabilities in the media. An evidence brief. (2023, Disability Evidence Portal)

The iPad was meant to revolutionize accessibility. What happened? “For people who can’t speak, there has been depressingly little innovation in technology that helps them communicate.” (2023, MIT Technology Review)

In Latin America and the Caribbean:

Towards Mad Justice and Reparation (In Spanish, 2023, RedEsfera)