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Recent Highlights

In International News:

It's a cultural fight: Debrief feature with Christian Tasso on using photography to challenge perceptions of difference. (Sep, Disability Debrief)

The transformative role of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.

“In this report, the Special Rapporteur highlights the agency of persons with disabilities in rebuilding broken societies in post-conflict contexts. Using concepts such as moral repair and transitional justice, he points to the need to include the voices of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.” (Aug, Gerard Quinn)

Climate Change and Disability the Debrief's resource guide and original reporting. (Aug, Disability Debrief)

How many disabled people are there? Debrief feature exploring why the complexity of disability can't be reduced to one number. (Jul, Disability Debrief)

Barbie's wheelchair vs my actual wheelchair a critical comparison by Katie Pennick. (Jul, Twitter thread)

Delta Developing First-of-Its-Kind Airplane Seat for Wheelchair Users to stay in their chairs. (Jun)

How to improve portrayals of people with disabilities in the media. An evidence brief. (Jun, Disability Evidence Portal)

The iPad was meant to revolutionize accessibility. What happened? “For people who can’t speak, there has been depressingly little innovation in technology that helps them communicate.” (Jun, MIT Technology Review)

Disability should not be a death sentence: global disaster response must be inclusive. (Jun, The BMJ)

Disability Data Report 2023 reviews available disability data internationally and explores indicators for 15 countries. (Jun, Disability Data Initiative.)

Progress on disability rights risks going in reverse. Remarks from António Guterres. “We must do much, much better,” (Jun, UN)

‘AI’ Will Not Fix Accessibility “Accessibility is about people. It is not a strictly technical problem to be solved with code.” (Jun, Adrian Roselli)

Comics beyond sight A highly visual case for blind access – beautifully illustrated questions about how to make visual design of comics accessible. (Jun, MIT Technology Reviews)

Fake sign language is spreading on TikTok. “Sign language has become trendy on TikTok, but many videos feature incorrect signs, sparking fears the trend will cause lasting damage to American Sign Language” (May, Washington Post) see also the same problem in New Zealand.

In Latin America and the Caribbean:

Towards Mad Justice and Reparation (In Spanish, Jun, RedEsfera)